Models of air agitators, mechanical agitators and electro-agitators

Double turbine air agitator

Air agitator for continuous use

Mechanical electroagitator

Mechanical stirrer



Buy agitators and electroagitators at Industrias Avilés

Agitators are a very important part of a good irrigation system for crops, and at Industrias Aviles you can find different models, such as air agitators, mechanical agitators and electro-agitators.

On the one hand we have air agitators, which are used to simplify the dissolution of fertilizers in irrigation tanks. Within this type of agitators, you can opt for continuous use or for a double turbine continuous air agitator, and in both cases only one is needed to act on different tanks simultaneously or alternatively.

We also have the mechanical agitators, which have a nylon stabilizer and incorporate two ball bearings. The shaft is connected to the motor by means of a flexible coupling.

On the other hand, mechanical electroagitators have the same utility as mechanical stirrers, but are more suitable for continuous work.

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