Flat seasonal drip pipe with integrated drippers.

Ideal for all types of row crops that require uniformity and low application rates.

CÓDIGODenominaciónEspesor pared (mil.)Distancia emisores (cm)Caudal (a) (l/h. 100m)Caudal (b) (l/h. emisor)PasoLong. Rollo (m)SR: Serie BP: Bajo PedidoMáxima long. lateral (m)*
1144216-05-15-165-500 R40005151650,365004000BP295
1144316-05-20-250-1000 R40005202500,5710004000BP210
1144416-05-20-365-2000 R40005203650,8220004000BP160
1144516-05-40-255-3000 R40005402551,1330004000BP210
1144616-05-30-340-3000 R40005303401,1330004000BP175
1144716-05-10-1020-3000 R40005205101,1330004000BP135
1144816-05-10-1020-3000 R400051010201,1330004000BP85
1144916-06-15-165-500 R32006151650,365003200BP295
1145016-06-20-250-1000 R32006202500,5710003200SR210
1145116-06-20-365-2000 R32006203650,8220003200SR160
1145216-06-40-255-3000 R32006402551,1330003200BP210
1145316-06-30-340-3000 R32006303401,1330003200SR175
1145416-06-20-510-3000 R32006205101,1330003200SR135
1145516-06-20-510-3000 R320061010201,1330003200SR85
1145616-08-15-165-500 R25008151650,365002500SR295
1145716-08-20-250-1000 R25008202500,5710002500SR210
1145816-08-20-365-2000 R25008203650,8220002500SR160
1145916-08-40-255-3000 R25008402551,1330002500SR210
1146016-08-30-340-3000 R25008303401,1330002500SR175
1146116-08-20-510-3000 R25008205101,1330002500SR135
1146216-08-10-1020-3000 R250081010201,1330002500SR85

*Maximum side length for slopes of 0%, inlet pressure of 8 mca (0.8 Kg/cm²) and Emission Uniformity of 90%

DESIGNATION: Diameter – Wall thickness (thousand) – Distance between emitters (cm) – Flow (l/h 100m) – Step – Roll length (m)

WALL THICKNESS: 1 mil = 1 mil = 0.025mm / 6 il = 0.15mm / 8 mil = 0.20mm

FLOW: (a): l/h 100 m = liters per hour per 100 meters of tape @ 0.55 bar pressure
(b): l/h emitter = liters per hour for each emitter @ 0.68 bar pressure

Consult other thicknesses, distances and flows

Buy drip tape at Industrias Avilés

The drip irrigation system is one of the most widespread in our country. It is conceived as a way to deliver the necessary water to the plants that allows them to have optimal development. It is used on a number of crops around the world to help reduce water consumption, increase the quality and yield of agricultural production.

The Industrias Avilés drip tape is ideal for olive, vegetable, flower and other row crops that require low discharge and little spacing of drippers They are used for all kinds of irrigation systems. We use high performance hoses and always at the best price.