The impeller is the heart of centrifugal pumps.

It is the only movable part of the equipment when it is in operation. First, the fluid enters through the center of the impeller or impeller of the machine. This has a curved blade, called a blade, which serves to drive the fluid. Later, due to the centrifugal force produced by the pump, the fluid is propelled to the outside, where it is collected by the casing or body of the pump.

230/400 3

10580002GTP 70/1501,852,50M.C.A.
10581002GTP 70/1852,20 3,00M.C.A.


105800054,0052,0050,0047% 2C0043,0040,00-

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The GTP 2 irrigation pumps are responsible for supplying the necessary water flow to irrigate our plantations. There are various types and also other details that should be known about them.

These impulse pumps supply force so that the flow of water moves where we want it to go. A very interesting feature is that it allows us to determine with great precision the pressure at which we want it to circulate so that control is almost total.