Nautical Buoy

A-HD Series

  • High resistance.
  • Built for severe conditions .
  • Handle made of injected pvc.
  • Rotomoulded pvc body.

Standard Series

  • Handle and body made of rotomoulded pvc .


Descargar Ficha técnica
20 cm29 cm34 cm46 cm53 cm62 cm85 cm
Circunferencia70 cm90 cm110 cm144 cm166 cm194 cm267 cm
Longitud27 cm41 cm49 cm57 cm57 cm80 cm100 cm
∅ Asa25 mm25 mm25 mm25 mm25 mm35 mm35 mm
Flotabilidad6 Kg15 Kg31 Kg56 Kg90 Kg160 Kg326 Kg
Embalaje30 pcs20 pcs15 pcs10 pcs10 pcs8 pcs5 pcs