For the injection of chemical products and fertilizers.

Portable meters offer accurate analysis of EC / TDS / pH / and Temperature values from a single drop of solution in just a few seconds. The most relevant information for decision making available in a small portable device. This measurement system allows decision-making in an agile way even in the field itself, by facilitating simple, fast, comfortable, economical and precision measurements, where and when you want it. A laboratory in your pocket.

Descargar Ficha técnica
MW 803CE 60pH 55
Rango pH0 a 14 pH--2 a 16 pH
Rango temperatura0 a 50ºC0 a 60ºC-5 a 50ºC
Rango EC0 a 3999 µS/cm0 a 20 µS/cm-
Rango TDS0 a 2000 ppm0 a 10 ppt-
Precisión pH± 0,05 pH-± 0,1 pH
Precisión temperatura± 0,5 ºC± 0,5 ºC± 2%
Precisión CE± 2 %± 2 %-
Precisión TDS± 2 %± 2 %-
Puntos de calibración pH1 o 2-1 o 2
Puntos de calibración temperatura---
Puntos de calibración CE11-
Horas de uso continuado aprox.100 h100 h300 h
Peso aprox.220 g180 g200 g

Buy pH and CE Meters at Industrias Avilés

  • Highest precision.
  • Automatic range selection.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Backlit digital LCD display.
  • Stable measurement indicator.
  • Replaceable sensor.
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection.
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection.
  • Each meter contains standard solutions.