Ultrasonic device to destroy algae and any other type of microorganisms.

TISU equipment is the simplest and most effective device for the elimination of aquatic algae in reservoirs, lakes and ponds.
They emit a spectrum of ultrasonic waves, which propagate in the water and produce the implosion of the cell vacuole of the algae and therefore their death, thus limiting their ability to grow and develop.

20230TISU 150
20231TISU 300

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The TISU ultrasonic anti-algae system eliminates algae, bacteria and microorganisms in stagnant water. These Industrias Avilés systems can be used in irrigation tanks, swimming pools or irrigation reservoirs.

The control of algae and the elimination of microorganisms present in the water with this equipment is totally respectful of the environment and health, since it does not use aggressive chemical products.

The elimination of algae in ponds with this equipment does not generate any type of waste and perfectly complies with current regulations.